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Plants of the Week - 5-6-17

Ron Wilson Plant of the Week

Plant of the week this time, is a plant that falls into my “dinner and a show” category.  I’ve been growing them for years in containers, but now, there are hardier selections, as well as proven ways to over winter ANY selection no matter what zone its list for, grown outside, in the ground, year round.  The plant of the week:  ‘Fig’ and although there are many to choose, let’s focus on ‘Chicago Hardy’ and ‘Little Miss Figgy’. 

Chicago Hardy is a Zone 6 fig, although winter protection can help reduce possible dieback.  Easy to grow, good producer of medium sized figs, drought tolerant once established, and self-pollinating, Chicago Hardy is great in ground or containers.  Fruit is produced on new growth and older wood, with figs ripening late July and into fall.  (image below)

Little Miss Figgy, Zone 7, is a dwarf selection, growing 3-4’ wide and 5-6’ high.  Great foliage, deeply lobed, and dark purple fruits (self-pollinating) makes this selection the perfect patio / container fig or smaller gardens and landscapes.  (Image below)

*Byron Martin ( has a great tip sheet on over-wintering ANY fig outdoors planted in the ground.  Be sure to check it out…it really does work!

Joe Strecker Plant of the Week

Butterfly Milkweed

A low maintenance beauty that will bring bright orange blooms and lovely foliage along with all the butterflies in the neighborhood.

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