Plants of the Week - 6-10-17

Ron Wilson Plant of the Week

Just as many of the perennials are starting to become real show stoppers, so are the Queens of the summer gardens, Hydrangeas.  And, so many new selections to choose…more and more dwarf varieties as well.  So this I week I chose one of the Summer Queens…its Hydrangea serrata ‘Tuff Stuff’.  Hardy to Zone 5 and maturing around 36 inches tall, Tuff Stuff is a reblooming Mountain Hydrangea with dark pink flowers with a creamy center in each flower (may be blue if pH is low, pink if slightly alkaline).  Although it will tolerate full sun (given good soil moisture), I think these still perform best in situations where they’re shaded a bit in the heat of the afternoon sun.  Pruning not needed / enjoys deadheading / blooms old and new wood – a rebloomer that really does!  Perfect for that smaller garden, and even in large containers. 

Joe Strecker Plants of the Week

Due to its wild nature, the Tiger Lily is incredibly easy to grow. It has a strong, sweet and distinctively lily smell. It's a stunning spectacle!

Husker Red Beard Tongue has fabulous maroon-red foliage has a dark green underlay and provides good garden contrast. In mid to late spring, tall flowering stems has constrasting tubular, white blooms. Heat and drought tolerant.