Plants of the Week - 11/25/17

Our plant of the week, is one of the most popular upright growing evergreens used in foundation plantings, containers, and small Christmas trees in pots!  You’ve seen them.  Maybe you have one.  Let me see if I can describe one for you.  When you first see it, they look so cute – like a little perfectly shaped extremely dense Christmas tree.  They’re very slow growing, short green needles, very dense, upright in a pyramidal or conical shape, and usually growing in a container at the garden stores.  And yes, you even see them sold around the holidays in pots with a bow on it for a little indoor potted Christmas tree.  Now do you remember seeing them?  They’re Picea glauca ‘Conica’ or commonly known as ‘Dwarf Alberta Spruce’.   By the way, if you do buy one for indoor decorations for the Holidays, try to limit the time indoors to less than a couple weeks.  (Hardy to Zone 2, loves sun to partial sun, well drained loamy soils, grows 5-10 feet x 3-5 feet wide, and requires no pruning.  Don’t let them dry out during the heat of the summer or dry fall seasons.  I suggest hosing them out every 2 weeks during the spring and again in fall to help lower mite populations, blow out dead inner needles, and keeps them watered, especially in the late fall before going into the winter.)

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