Plants of the Week - 7/22/17

Our plant of the week has been around for some time, yet has a hard time getting planted in the landscape because of its common name.  Its Diervilla lonicera, or commonly known as Northern Bush Honeysuckle.  And saying or reading ‘Bush Honeysuckle’, thanks to the invasive honeysuckles, it can be a turn-off!  Well, this plant is not a honeysuckle!  Its gets the name from the yellow honeysuckle like flowers, great for pollinators, which by the way occur in the summer.  This native shrub has glossy green foliage that starts out with a slight maroon tint, and can have nice yellow to orange to red fall colors.  Extremely hardy, grows 3-4’ high and wide, sun to partial shade, slight suckering from the base, shows drought resistance, low browse deer list, low hedging, mass plantings, slopes.    *Also look at other Diervilla selections such as ‘Kodiak Orange’, ‘Kodiak Black’, and ‘Cool Splash’, all with interesting foliage colors.  

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