Plants of the Week - July 7th 2018

Royal Purple Smoke Tree Multi-Stem

An upright multi-stemmed shrub or small tree grown for its foliage and plumes that look like "smoke". Maroon-red spring foliage matures to purplish black and maintains that color till fall. Fall brings fiery red and oranges. Easy to grow in sunny sites.

Smokebush or smoketree (Cotinus) is puffing away right now, providing the almost ethereal inflorescences that give it its name  and alternates such as cloud bush, mist tree, wig tree, and Jupiter’s beard.    

Golden Spirit Smoke Tree

Large shrub with bright yellow summer foliage that is infused with green. Leaves turn spectacular shades of amber, burgundy, scarlet and green in fall. A bright accent for any landscape. (May or may not produce plumes typical of other Smoke Trees.)

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