Plants of the Week - 8/12/17

Our pick of the week has been literally picked.  Its Solanum lycopersicum, or commonly known as the tomato plant, from which we are enjoying its delicious fruits known as the tomato.  Yes, it’s in the nightshade family, was once called ‘wolf peach’ (thought to be used by witches, sorcerers and Rita H.) and is technically a fruit, yet declared many years ago in the U.S. as a vegetable (for tariff reasons).  There is a great history that comes along with tomatoes, but that’s not where we’re going today.  Nope, today it’s all about eating freshly picked ripe tomatoes.  And face it; ain’t much better than eating a freshly picked ripe tomato.  Yesterday, I enjoyed the flavors of ‘Supersteak’ (Burpee Hybrid) compliments of Sarah Wiley.  The tomato is picked below.  It was cut into blocks like a cake, and trust me, I couldn’t stop eating it.  Juicy, firm, well ripened, and great flavor.  M-M-M…every last M!  Now there are a bazillion ways to eat tomatoes…this past month I was treated to diced green tomatoes in my salad, which was outstanding!  So it’s that time of the year…ripe tomato season and I’m loving every minute of it.  How about you?   ps…here’s a great video from John Denver singing ‘Homegrown Tomatoes’[ ].  And when I think homegrown tomatoes, I’ll always think of my dad, Ed Wilson, who couldn’t eat anything without tomatoes, and my friend Tomato George, who besides my dad (and maybe my grandfather), is one of the most enthusiastic tomato lovers I know.  Pss…Want to try new tomatoes?  Visit Tomada Parada, August 12, 5-7pm, at Wilmington College.  They’ll have over 100 tomatoes for you to try, as well as see their gardens, and it’s absolutely free.  Then you can see which tomato has the best flavor…Kelloggs Breakfast or Amana Orange.  J 

Pictures of Sarah’s Supersteak, with a few Mortgage Lifters in the background.  You can’t see the empty bottles of Sierra Nevada off to the right….another great companion to tomatoes!  Thanks Siley!