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Choosing the best color for your landscape

Working with warm and bold colors (reds, yellows, oranges, and bright pink)

Warm and bold colors are perfect for creating a more intimate space making flowers appear closer than they are and giving a more energetic feeling in your space

Working with cool colors (blues, purple, and light pink)

Cool colors are ideal for making your space feel larger and give a space a serene and restful feeling

Choosing color for shady parts of the garden

For shady parts of your garden, keep in mind that bright colors will brighten up the shday areas and darker colors could easily get lost.

Choose what you like

The most important thing is you fill your garden with plants that you enjoy.  After all, this is nature.  If your combination ends up being too much, use a designer trick by planting white to break up clashing colors.

The Color Wheel

A simple way to choose a color for the garden is by using the color wheel.  Find your favorite color for the garden and on either side of the color wheel you will find a complimentary color.  If you want a livelier garden, choose the color exactly opposite that will create a stunning contrast.

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