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Plants of the Week - 9/9/17

Ron Wilson Plant of the Week

This week’s pick is one of my favorite vines, and let me say up front that this vine is an aggressive vine but can be controlled with a hard pruning in the spring.  Okay?  Now, having said that…my plant of the week is Clematis terniflora, or commonly known as ‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis.   As mentioned earlier, here is a vigorous climbing / twining vine with a rampant growth habit, known to grow as much as 10-15’ in one season, which is great for covering pergolas, fences, large trellises, has been known to grow as a groundcover, etc.  Nice green oval leaves in the season, this green vine becomes a gorgeous sight when late August and into September it becomes totally covered in pure, white, fragrant flowers (vanilla scent) that eventually become a silvery mass of fluffy seed heads in fall.  A real show-stopper in late summer!  Grows in sun or partial shade / cut back in spring to control sizing. 

Joe Strecker Plants of Week 

Ravishing Reds

The color of love from scarlet to crimson is perfect for drawing attention to the garden

Lucifer Crocosmia

Paperbark Maple

Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

Red Dragon Japanese Maple

Afterglow Winterberry

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