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Plants of the Week - 10/21/17

Ron Wilson Plant of the Week

It’s fall.  It’s a great time to plant.  It’s a great time to plant trees.  And if there’s one thing we can all do to help Mother Earth, it would be to plant a tree, or two or three!  So the plant pick of this week just happens to be a tree, and is one of my favorite trees, next to a Ginkgo.  It’s one of the many great Oak trees…Quercus macrocarpa, or commonly known as Bur Oak (Mossycup Oak).  Here is a great native oak, interesting corky branches and bark, which eventually develops into a massive broad crowned shade tree.  Bur Oak tolerates a wide range of soil types and pH, hardy Zones 3-8, drought tolerant, and yes, give it plenty of room to grow, reaching 60’ plus high and wide!  Truly one of the most majestic trees you’ll ever experience.  The leaves and the acorns are large; the fruit is a great source of food for many wildlife species (deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbits, raccoons and more), and will hurt if you get hit with one falling to the ground! J   Gotta love this tree!  

Ode to Orange

Energize your garden with the color associated with happiness and excitement

Brilliance Autumn Fern

Amber Jubilee Ninebark

Double Take Orange Storm Flowering Quince

Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress

Happidaze Sweetgum

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