Plant of the Week - 12/16/17

Helleborus niger, or commonly known as the Christmas Rose.  Yes, in the same family as the late winter blooming Lenten Rose, the Christmas Rose is a hardy evergreen perennial, loves the shade, deer won’t eat it, and produces wonderful pure white somewhat upright facing flowers right around Christmas, and well into the winter season.



This is ‘Jacob’ - the most common Christmas Rose being grown, with its pure white flowers that will fade to light green and grows to about 12-14 inches high and wide.  And it’s being grown in a container so it can be used indoors for the holiday season, just like Poinsettias and Christmas Cactus!  But here’s the bonus - after you enjoy ‘Jacob’s’ flowers indoors during the Holidays, it can be planted outside, in your shady perennial garden, where it will continue to flower a bit longer into the winter, and then become a permanent perennial that will flower for you every year for the holiday season, outdoors!  But wait, there’s even more about ‘Jacob’ Christmas Rose.  With its winter hardiness, Jacob can even be planted in your holiday porch pots outdoors, where it will flower thru the holidays and into the winter, and then continue to grow new year, or take it out in the spring and plant it in the shade garden.

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