Plants of the Week - 12/30/17

Plant of the Week Some folks believe money grows on trees. Well, here is the real deal...its the Money Tree Plant – Pachira aquatica! Okay, it doesn’t actually grow money, but it is believed that the Money Tree Plant will bring good luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity to its owner.

The Money Tree Plant is also used in rooms missing an element of Feng Shui. And best of all, they’re really easy to grow indoors! Sounds like the perfect new houseplant going into the New Year 2017!

-Medium to low light / let dry between watering/ monthly feeding spring summer fall / really no insect or disease issues

-Can get 5-6’ tall and 3-4’ wide

-Sold single and multiple trunked – sometimes braided

-Leaves, flowers and nuts are all edible

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