Plants of the Week - January 13th 2018

Time for round two of the toughest houseplants you can be successful and grow.  Last week was ZZ Plant and Mother-in Laws Tongue.  Tough, tough, tough.  But here are two more choices that fall in right behind them:

Golden Pothos – also known as Devils Ivy / Taro vine / ivy arum (Epipremnum aureum)  Not only is this an easy one to grow, it’s also one of the best air purifiers!  Fast growing vine, yet easily clipped and controlled (easy to propagate as well), likes brighter light (nothing direct) but tolerates lower light conditions, and likes to get dry before watering again. Whose mom and grandma didn’t have a pothos or two?  Many great selections available today!

Cast Iron Plant – also known as Bar Room Plant - (Aspidistra elatior)  Definitely your basic looking indoor plant with long lance shaped leaves, this tough-as nails houseplant performs just as well outdoors in the shade (summer only) as it does indoors everything from bright light (nothing direct) to low light areas.  Drought tolerant let this bullet proof plant dry out before you water.  Basic looking, but one extra tough indoor plant, and outdoors in the shade.  The name says it all.