Plants of the Week - February 3rd, 2018

Well, the groundhog has spoken and its 6 more weeks of winter.  But that’s okay, ‘cause that gives us plenty of time to plan what we’re going to do when the weather breaks…like planting that veggie garden…in the ground or in pots.  So this week’s pick is one veggie you may want to add to your ‘want list’.  It’s a tomato…’Amana Orange’.   So why pick a tomato now?  This way you can check with your local garden store to make sure they grow it for you!

So why Amana Orange?  For several years I’ve been saying that Kelloggs Breakfast has got to be the best tasting tomato out there.  But last year, there was a challenge (Tomato Throwdown) from Amana Orange as being better tasting than Kelloggs Breakfast.  Well, we had the official throwdown at 2 locations, and voters voted Amana Orange as the best tasting…but trust me the voting was almost the same for both.  So for now, Amana Orange stands at the top.  Great tasting / great producer.  So now the challenge can happen in your garden or containers.  Kelloggs Breakfast, or Amana Orange?

Kelloggs Breakfast

Amana Orange

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