Plant of the Week - February 24th 2018

We’ve featured a few of the early bloomers over the last couple weeks, so let’s feature another that really does say spring is right around the corner, when these little guys peak up through the frosty ground…even thru the snow.  Galanthus species, or commonly known as ‘Snowdrops’ (and rarely but also called Milkflower)!  And not only are they an early beautiful sight, they’re easy to grow outdoors as well as forcing indoors!  Woodland settings are ideal for Snowdrops and usually naturalized in large masses or tucked into small pockets within the garden or under shrubs.  And they can be potted in the fall (bulbs available for fall planting) and grown in pots for wonderful late winter / early spring color indoors, and then planted later in their outdoor setting.  Plant in the fall…semi shady location is best.  And guess what?  You will love them, but the critters don’t! 

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