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Herbs For Salads

Rita's herbs perfect for salads

BASIL. From the popular sweet basil to spicy Thai, basil adds flavor and color to salads. Tear into bite size pieces and mix gently with your greens. .

CHERVIL. The delicate anise flavor is so good in a salad since chervil is best eaten fresh anyway. It’s a beautiful addition to spring time greens.

CHIVES. Both onion and garlic chives produce beautiful blossoms along with the green stems. I like to add a shower of blossoms to mixed greens, and stir minced stems into cottage cheese.

LEMON HERBS. I’m bunching these together since they all lend a bright citrus flavor to salads and dressings. Try lemon verbena, lemon thyme and lemon balm. is a bright and fresh flavor, perfect for salads.

LOVAGE. Yes, I love lovage! A nice celery substitute, try chopping leaves and stir them into a potato salad made with baby new potatoes. taste of lovage and consider it “soapy-tasting,” but try it for yourself.

MINT. You didn’t think I’d forget my family’s favorite, did you? So many varieties at Natorp’s that choosing just one is hard. Start with spearmint and graduate to lemon and the newer berry scented mints. Mints make fruit salads pop!

PARSLEY. A tried & true herb, both the curly and Italian are packed with vitamins and minerals. A must for our tabouleh, and a great add-in to mesclun greens

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