Buggy Joe's New Mower - 130MPH!

Honda has done something truly insane. They've transplanted the engine from their CBR1000RR Fireblade SPsuperbike into a freakin' lawnmower.  

Photo: Honda

Why on earth would the Japanese automaker build such an absurdly awesome piece of lawn care equipment? They have a reputation to uphold. 

In 2014, Honda's first "Mean Mower" hit the world record-setting speed of 116 mph. Now, they've partnered with Team Dynamics once again to make a faster, louder, and meaner mower.

Still: YouTube/Honda Video

Top Gear magazine has more details on its engine specs: 

It’s an SP1 Fireblade engine that has upped the game considerably from Mean Mower I. As in nearly double the power. 190bhp+ at 13,000rpm, 999cc, flat shift on the way up, auto blip on the way down.  It’s got six gears with a long first ratio. In fact, the mower should be good for about 90mph [sic] in first. Sub 3.0sec 0-60mph? It’s probably not going to be far off.  

Top Gear writer Piers Ward set the original Mean Mower record. This time around, "rising race star" Jess Hawkins will helm the wheel.

Still: YouTube/Honda Video

The track date has yet to be announced, but it'll probably look a lot like the 2014 attempt, only faster. 

Don't forget your helmet, Jess. 

h/t: Hype Beast

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