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Do you need a lot of space to grow berries?

There are great selections of berries that are perfect for small gardens or containers. Here are some favorites!

Raspberry Shortcake

Thornless variety of raspberry with delicious full sized fruit on a compact, bushy plant. Easy to grow and no need for staking. Enjoy in garden beds or in patio containers.

Blueberry Glaze

Compact, bushy blueberry with dark green foliage reminiscent of boxwood leaves. This attractive plant produces delicious, sweet blueberries mid-summer. Easy to grow in beds and containers.

Perpetua Blueberry

A double fruiting blueberry with small, sweet fruits in mid-summer and again in fall. Dark green foliage with maroon highlights in fall. Enjoy in a vegetable garden or as a border addition.

Baby Cakes Blackberry

This blackberry is thornless and has a more compact size. It has white blossoms and large fruit and will usually produce twice in one season!

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