Derby Day Plant Picks

It’s the running of the 144th Kentucky Derby, one of my favorite sporting events to watch, so this week we’ll have to pick 2 plants…yes, having something to do with the Derby.  First pick: Kentucky Colonel Spearmint – Over 4,000 pounds of the Colonel will be used to make mint juleps this weekend.  And of all the mints, Kentucky Colonel has the best foliage and as far as I’m concerned, the best flavor.  18-24 inches tall, white flowers and the pollinators love them, deer and rabbit resistant, and yes, very aggressive.  Grow the Colonel in a container.   

Second pick:  Easy Does It Rose – This floribunda rose is like a fruit salad for the landscape; fragrant clusters of swirling shades of mango-orange, peach-pink and honey-apricot form blooms that are scalloped, ruffled and classically spiraled, rounded, bushy plants with super glossy green leaves, proven disease resistance, vigor and flower power.  One of my favorite picks.  Besides My Boy Jack…long shot for the 2018 win! 

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