Summer Leafcutter Bees

Summer leafcutter bees produce multiple generations over the summer as their eggs develop quickly into new adults. After 3-4 weeks, second-generation bees will leave large holes in the capped ends as they chew out of the nest. Leave your leafcutter bee nesting materials in the bee house throughout the summer to allow the new adults to emerge.Since your bee house is open over the summer, chances are higher that wild bees and solitary wasps will be attracted to your leafcutter nesting materials. A tip for managing wild bees and wasps: mark the end of nesting holes occupied by a guest with a colored marker. Doing this now will help you manage and learn about wild cocoons next spring.



Plant peas and beans for flowers and leafy building material

Keep cocoons out of direct sunlight - tuck them towards the back of the bee house

Shine a flashlight at night to look for female bees in nesting holes

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