Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson

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Tree Amigos Favorite Tree List

Kris Stone / Boone County Arboretum

Lg:  Swamp White Oak / Kentucky Coffeetree / Ginkgo

Med:  Zelkova / American Hornbeam / Yellowwood

Sm. Orn. Trees:  Sweetbay Magnolia / Tree Lilac (Peking) / Kousa Dogwood

Overall Fav:  Dawn Redwood (Birches are my guilty pleasure - always will be!)


Scott ‘Beerlein’ / Cincinnati Botanical Garden and Zoo

Lg: Tulip Poplar / Bald Cypress / Gingko / Freeman series of Maples

Med:  Katsura / Silver Linden / Yellowbird Magnolia

Sm: Japanese Maples / Jelena Witchhazel

Overall Fav: Yellowbird Magnolia


Ron Rothhass / The Arbor Doctor

Lg: Dawn redwood / Swamp white oak / Sycamore (London planetree ie "Exclaimation")

Med: Yellowwood / Tupelo / Parrotia / Lacebark elm cultivars ie Allee

Sm: Ornamental Redbud / Paperbark maple / Spring Grove dogwood (if you can find it!)

Overall Fav: Dawn Redwood


Evergreens Mentioned:  Western Arborvitae (Green Giant / Spring Grove) / Oriental Spruce / Vanderwolf Pine / Norway Spruce / Eastern Red Cedar

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