Plants of the Week - October 20th 2018

Trees are the Answer:   Fall is a great time to plant…especially planting it forward by planting new trees!  A few weeks ago, the Tree Amigo show mentioned a great series of hybrid maples referred to as ‘Freemanii’ maples; a hybrid cross between red and silver maples providing all the superior qualities of the red maples, with the faster growing habit of the silvers.   ‘Autumn Blaze’ was one of the first to become available and was chosen Urban Tree of the Year.  Since then, newer selections have become available, all of which have small but distinct differences.  One of the newest, ‘Matador Maple’, with its upright symmetrical form, adaptability to soil types, and bright red fall colors that appears later than most freemanii cultivars.   Look for ‘Autumn Blaze’, ‘Autumn Fantasy’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Firefall,  ‘Marmo,  ‘Matador’ and ‘Sienna Glen’ cultivars at your local nurseries.  

Autumn Blaze

Sienna Glen