Plants of the Week - November 10th 2018

Featuring the amazing family of Viburnum shrubs – true workhorses in the landscape (there’s a viburnum that will fit into just about any location in your landscape), and this week, let’s look at Viburnum prunifolium ‘Blackhaw’.   Big shrub, 12-15’ high by 8-10’ wide), moderately quick grower, and again, flat topped white flowers in spring followed by bluish black berries in the fall (yes the wildlife loves them).  And did I mention smaller drak glossy green leaves that turn bright red for the fall?  Again, great large shrub, but the form I like even better, is when its grown in a single stemmed tree form!  The perfect under 15’ smaller ornamental tree!   Native…sun or part shade…really hardy…another winner in the Viburnum family!

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