Plants of the Week - November 3rd 2018

If there ever were true workhorses of shrubs and a group that has so many selections there’s always one for somewhere in your landscape, it’s got to be the Viburnum family.  So many outstanding species and cultivars its just unreal.  And talk about plants that are versatile…talk viburnums.  This week, lets feature one of the viburnums that is outstanding for a large growing semi evergreen shrub, called Viburnum ‘Allegheny’.  Looking for that quicker growing large shrub for a screen planting or border planting, or just need to hide a big wall?  ‘Allegheny’ is a vigorous upright growing semi evergreen shrub (large dark green leathery leaves), that flowers in late spring and sometimes off and on during the season, followed by clumps of red to black berries mid September which the birds absolutely enjoy!  Sun or partial shade, 10-12’ by 10-12’, quickly, semi evergreen and white flowers with red to black berries to boot…what more could you ask for?   Viburnum Allegheny please!

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