Think Green this Holiday Season with a Real Christmas Tree!

Real Trees are an eco-friendly choice!

-Renewable, recyclable, or plantable (live) natural product grown on farms throughout N. America.  Approx. 350 million trees are growing on tree farms as of right now.

-U.S. and Canada product grown as a sustainable crop, which takes multiple years of culturing and work to bring into the market (average of 7-10 years) – grown in all 50 states. Top producers are Oregon, N. Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington.

-Christmas tree farms help sustain the rural economy and provide jobs (approx. 15,000 Christmas tree growers in the U.S. / over 100,000 employed in the industry). 

-Tree farms stabilize the soil, protect water supplies, and support eco-systems. 

-The environmental impact of growing and harvesting that tree is positive.

-They take in carbon dioxide and harmful gases and release fresh oxygen into the air / an acre of trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people.

-For every real tree harvested, 1- 3 seedlings are planted in its place every spring.

-Real (cut) trees are 100% bio degradable – live trees are plantable.

(Vs. Artificial - non renewable, non biodegradable, non recyclable plastic and metal product (and may contain PVC), and mostly (about 85%) are manufactured in China)

Real Trees are a traditional choice!

-Family event / tradition choosing the family’s real tree.

-Different types of real trees to choose from (cut and live).

-Fresh holiday scents / natural decoration indoors.

-Putting up and decorating a real tree is a time honored tradition.

Real Trees just keep on giving!

-“Live” - Use it indoors as your Real Christmas tree - plant it outdoors after the holidays.  Your real (live) tree will keep growing for years to come, impacting the environment in a positive manner as well as serving as a reminder of your family’s holiday season.

-“Cut” – After using it indoors, think of ways to reuse your tree, including cutting up the branches to use as winter protection for perennials, for decorating planters over the winter,  habitat for birds / feeding station,  as natural habitat for fish (sunk in ponds and lakes), or chipped up and recycled as mulch for the garden, landscape, pathways, etc.

It only makes sense.  Your environmentally friendly and traditional choice is a natural and recyclable (or plantable) real tree this Holiday Season!