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10 Things You Should Do For Your Garden this Winter

Water those indoor plants with luke-warm water and soak the soil. Let them dry out before watering again (There are a few exceptions).  .

Not sure when to water? Purchase a water meter. Monitor your indoor plants often looking for insect outbreaks. 

Rinsing the plants in a utility tub or even in the shower will help knock many pests off the leaves and stems. 

Systemic insecticides and insecticidal soaps are great for helping reduce insect outbreaks on indoor plants.

Do a mulch check to make sure the mulch is not touching the trunk. Pull it away so that it resembles a donut. 

Mulch piled against the tree trunk can cause decay and tree decline.

Place tree trunk protectors around smaller tree trunks and apply a critter repellent around that base to protect against deer rubs, critters chewing on the bark, and frost cracking. 

Be sure to use a safe for plants de-icers on your sidewalks and driveways. 

Check your newly planted evergreens. If there is no rainfall, you should water the root ball as needed (about once a month). A 5-gallon bucket is the easiest way to water – dump on immediate root ball.

Plant spring flowering bulbs outside if your soil is workable. If not, plant them in pots in an unheated garage or shed.

In the spring, you can plant them in the ground. Save those used coffee grounds and tea bags and scatter them in your landscape beds, gardens, and lawn. The soil, worms, and plants will love you.

Plan your garden for your next year to include plants that provide seeds and berries to feed the birds so you won't have to refill the bird feeder next year.  (No fuss, no mess!)

Clean your gardens tools with soap, water, and a brush. Then, oil your tools with mineral oil. For wooden handles, lightly sand, then oil with Tung oil or apply a urethane coating.

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