Plant of the Week - December 29th 2019

As we wind down 2019 and look to 2020, our plant pick is one with a great history, and just happens to bring with it the belief that this one inspires visions of and brings good luck and wealth to you.  That’s why it’s given as a housewarming present or wedding gift.  And whether you believe it or not, it’s one good looking plant (especially with the braided trunks – old tales claimed the braiding locked in luck and good fortune), easy to grow, long lived, and can be a major player in Feng Shui (the number 5 represents the 5 elements of Feng Shui and our plant pick has 5 leaves, which also produce energy from the new growth and helps clean the air).  Our pick is Pachira aquatica, also known as Money Plant, Malabar Chestnut, sba nut, French peanut, monguba, Lucky Tree and Friendship Tree. So here’s a Pachira and Happy New Year to you!    (Jade and Pilea are also called Money Plants.)   Indoor requirements:  Bright indirect light / soak, let dry totally for a short period, then soak / loves humidity / 50-90 degrees / feed during growing season.   (Jade and Pilea are also called Money Plants.)  

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