Plants of the Week - January 11th

Let’s face it….indoor gardening is hot, trendy, and actually good for you at the same time…especially bringing more tropical / foliage plants into the home.  But in many homes, additional lighting may be needed to be more successful with your indoor plants.  So over the next couple weeks, we’ll look at a few indoor plants that I think are the easiest for you to grow.

ZZ Plant – As far as I’m concerned the only way to kill this plant is overwater it, or try to grow it in total darkness.  Dark shiny green leaves, grows about 3-4 feet tall but as wide as the pot its growing in, tolerates a wide array of light conditions, water, let dry for a while then water…what more could you ask for?     Zamiocolcas

Mother-in- Laws Tongue (Snake Plant) –  Probably the second toughest indoor plant out there, and really making a comeback for indoor and out!  Again, tolerates a wide array of light, let dry before watering, and take a look below.  So many new selections to choose from!  Its crazy, and again, a really easy one to grow indoors and out.         Sansevieria