Plant of the Week - January 26th 2019

When you look thru all the dormant trees this time of the year, its branching structure and bark colors that really stand out…especially those Sycamore trees!  And I have found a special introduction that is very worthy of your consideration.  It’s Platanus x acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’, but known on the street as ‘EXCLAMATION! London Planetree.  Here is a popular, durable, and attractive shade and street tree, very tolerant of adverse conditions and road salt, with interestingly shaped leaves that are dark greening turning to bright yellow in the fall. It’s naturally shedding bark creates a dappled brown and cream pattern that accentuates sunlight filtered through the foliage. Uniquely enough, it has a more pyramidal shape, fairly fast growing, getting about 35’ wide and 55’ tall.  A popular choice for parkways, malls, parks, shopping centers, or anywhere a large shade tree is needed!  Hardy Zone4 / Shows good anthracnose resistance / can have the small twiggy mess underneath but not like most other selections / Keeps central leader –upright – pyramidal shape.

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