Plant of the Week - February 2nd 2019

Well, Valentine’s Day is under 2 weeks away.And as you make your plans for your sweet-tart, dinner, gifts, etc., may I suggest giving a gift that just keeps on giving?It’s an easy to grow, flowering indoor plant whose flowers just keep coming as a reminder of your loving heart.And if you’d like, you can even use them as a cut flower in vase!It’s Anthurium (means tail flower in Greek), which is becoming one of the more popular indoor flowering plants.Great foliage, heart shaped flowers that just keep on coming, and really easy to grow indoors…what more could you ask for…especially for Valentine’s Day?By the way….between you and me…those hearty shaped flowers rae really a spathe, or waxy modified leaf flaring out from the base of a fleshy spike (spadix) where the tiny ‘real’ flowers grow.But don’t tell anyone.(PS…Look for different colored Anthuriums including some of the newer variegated selections now available….very cool!)

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