Asian Longhorn Tick

Authored By: Ric Bessin, Kentucky State Extension Entomologist

Asian Longhorn Tick Confirmed in Kentucky

The first confirmed detection of Asian longhorn tick in Kentucky occurred on July 15, 2018; the tick was collected from a research elk in Martin County. This was both a new state record and a new host record for this invasive tick.

This new tick is significant due to its wide host range (which includes domestic and wild animals), its proficiency in developing heavy infestations on animals, and its ability to serve as a potential vector of bacterial and viral diseases of animals. So far, there have been no confirmed pathogens transmitted from this tick in North American, but that could change.

The Northeast Regional Center for Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases (NEVBD) has a great informational website.

We would encourage you to submit suspected ticks to your local Extension office for identification.

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