Plant of the Week - May 25th 2019

So here’s the most recently most asked question about plants: “What’s the small to medium sized tree that’s in flower right now, has a white fragrant flower that actually looks like a lilac, the bark looks like a lilac, and the leaves even look like a lilac.Any idea what that is?I’m seeing them along streets and spotted here and there in the landscapes.And it smells just like a lilac!”

The answer…well guess what?It’s a lilac…a tree lilac!Syringa reticulate, or commonly known as Japanese Tree Lilac….and one of the most commonly grown selections is ‘Ivory Silk’.20-25’ high x 15 feet wide / upright eventual rounded head / dark green foliage / late May – June flowers / great for patio tree, small landscape, street tree, and in mass.

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