Plant of the Week - Butterfly Bush - August 24th 2019

For many, many years, planting a butterfly bush (Buddleia) in your yard pretty much guaranteed stops by butterflies of all types to help themselves to the nectar of the plant (as did many other pollinators).And those all colorful summer flowers were quite a show…thus my old saying ‘dinner and a show’.Since then, we have been graced with so many newer selections of butterfly bush ranging in a multitude of colors and overall sizing.One of the newest selections available has really taken the landscapes and container plantings by storm…and you have to love the name…Buddleia x ‘Pugster’.What’s so cool about the ‘Pugster’ series?These compact plants grow only 2’ tall and 3’ wide, but still have the large, fat, full flowers normally seen on a larger selection!And they bloom non-stop from early summer thru the fall season.And, thanks to the thick, sturdy stems, has shown much better hardiness and winter survival than other types of dwarf butterfly bush.Mounded Habit / Border, Container, Edging, Groundcover, Landscape, Mass planting, Specimen/Sun to part Sun/ Fragrant / Re-bloomer / Long Blooming / No deadheading needed but does help / drought tolerant / Pollinator Attractant / Deer and Rabbit resistant / Zone 5.

Look for ‘Pugster’ Blue, Periwinkle, Pink, and White.