Plant of the Week - Butterfly Weed

If you want to see a plant that can be really active with bug activity right now, most importantly with butterflies, and again, Monarch butterflies, then check out Asclepias tuberosa, or otherwise known as Butterfly Weed!Trust me when I say this about this plant (as well as several other selections of Asclepias); “plant it and they will come.”Last week we mentioned the Butterfly Bush, which is also great for attracting butterflies and many other pollinators, but where the Butterfly Weed (and Milkweed) selections jump ahead, is that not only do they supply the nectar for feeding; they also supply the plant’s foliage for laying eggs, and the larvae to feed on!It’s another ‘Dinner and a Show’ plant!

Check with your local garden store….there are several selections of Butterfly Weed and Milkweed (perennial and annual) that can be planted in your gardens, landscape, perennial gardens, and even containers.Create great excitement for the kids, grandkids, and yes, even you!

(*Cinderella, Ice Ballet, Soulmate, and tropical / annual selections are just a few of the many others.)

Ps…These plants are also bed and breakfasts for other insects as well.So don’t panic when you see other bugs enjoying them, too.

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