Plant of the Week - Bottle brush Buckeye

Want a Buckeye tree but no room?How about a Buckeye shrub?Yes, that would be Aesculus parviflora, or commonly known as Bottlebrush Buckeye.A great early summer blooming shrub for the shade, partial shady, and even full sun areas, this low maintenance large growing shrub can put on one great show of erect, showy, up to 12 inch long panicles (white with red anthers) which resemble a bottlebrush.Of course the flowers then produce the glossy, non-edible, pear shaped buckeye nuts. Hardy Zone 4 / 8-12 high and can sucker out 8-15 feet wide / Blooms June –July / Loves Part Shade to Shade, but will tolerate Sun / Yellow fall color / attracts butterflies / Low deer and rabbit damages / tolerates moist soils / No serious insect or disease issues / Lawn Specimen, group or mass planting, shrub borders or woodland areas.