Plant of the Week - The Mighty Oak - October 5th 2019

This weekend on our show are the Tree Amigos….as we talk about the benefits of planting trees, how to choose the right tree for the right spot, and our favorite suggested trees to consider planting.Here are 2 of my picks:(Honorable mentions include Ginkgo and Swamp White Oak)

Quercus alba White Oak, and is known as one of the mightiest of the noble oaks.A bit slower growing at first, this native tree has massive horizontal branching, forming an upright broad-rounded crown (50’x50’ plus).Dark green leaves, brown to wine red to orange red fall colors, good acorn producer, can adapt to various soil conditions (not high pH), hardy, long lived, wood once used for boat making and of course wooden barrels for aging that smooth whisky and bourbon.

Quercus macrocarpa Good ole Bur Oak, also called Mossycup Oak.A native oak, interesting corky bark and over time, developing a massive trunk and really broad crown (50-70’ high and wide).It’s such a majestic and bold tree as it matures. Love the large dark green fiddle shaped leaves, and although when hit by its acorns may put you into a comma, the huge acorn is almost totally covered with a cap, fringed on the edges.Tolerates a wide range of soil types, hardy, slow growing, but well worth the wait.Definitely plant this one for the future.

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