FROM CROWNBEES.COM - Getting ready for Mason Bee Season

Planning Ahead for Mason Bee Season

Happy New Year! Here's our tips to get ready to raise mason bees this coming spring!
1.Bee HousePrep:Let any paint or finish dry for a month before use.
2. Mason Bee Inventory:We recommend 10mason bee cocoonsfor each fruit tree. Each acre of fruit trees needs about 250 mason bees. Remember, we only ship mason bees from February to the end of April each year.
3. Clean & Fresh Nesting Holes:Make sure you have1nesting hole(size 8mm) for each of your mason bee cocoons. Each female bee needs her own nesting spot.
4. Accessories for Success:Female mason bees won't nest if they can't findclayey mudnearby. OurInvitaBee Plus+pheromone attractant kits will make your bee house smell like home.

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