Plants of the Week

Okay, Valentines Day is next week.Friday to be exact, so don’t forget.And sure you can go the candy and cut roses routine (make sure you pick the right color roses to send the right message), but I say go the living plant route…”Clark, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.”So, what are we talking about here?Miniature roses (which can be grown indoors during the winter and planted outside in the spring), African Violets, Orchids (yes, they really are easy to grow, and those flowers can last a couple months!), potted Spring Bulbs in flower (which can be replanted in the garden later in the spring), and on and on.The selection of living plants available today is unreal.But here’s one that I really love, that is easy to grow, lovely foliage, grows in many light conditions, has absolutely gorgeous flowers that are actually shaped like a heart (actually a spath /bract not a flower), re-flowers on a regular basis, and just keeps saying I love you year after year.It’s called Anthurium, and as far as I’m concerned, it is the ultimate Valentine’s Day Flower!It’s a symbol of exotic beauty and ultimate expression of love for your Valentine.You’ll find them available in many colors, but the reds are the most common selections.

Meaning of Rose Colors:If you decide to add some cut roses to your Valentines Day gift giving, make sure you pick the right colors to send the right message.Be cautious!

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