Plants of the Week - Growing Berries

Growing your own fruits and berries just gets more and more popular all the time.And, so many new varieties available that stay smaller (for containers and smaller gardens), easier to care for, disease resistance, and great producers.One of those series of berries is called ‘Bushel and Berry’.And from that collection there are many, great dwarf or smaller growing berry plants for you!And, yes, they’re all self-fruiting.Today, let’s look at 3 of them:Raspberry Shortcake, Baby Cakes Blackberry, and Perpetua Blueberry.

Baby Cakes Blackberry – Compact / thornless / mid summer and mid fall (sometimes)

Raspberry Shortcake -Compact grower / thornless / Fruits on second year canes / mid summer

Perpetua Blueberry – Compact grower / fruit mid summer and again fall (2 crops!)