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Rita's Homemade Skin Creams

if the kids are bored, let them make their own bath gel.

Bath time will be fun!


1/2 cup water

1 envelope unflavored gelatin

1/2 cup bubble bath or liquid soap

Food coloring (optional)

1 plastic bottle or plastic container

Heat water until boiling.Stir in gelatin to dissolve. Add soap very slowly and gently. Add coloring and scent if desired. Let cool and store in refrigerator.


·Let kids put a tiny waterproof toy in the bottle along with the gel. It will float.

·Don’t add too much food coloring. A drop or 2 will give the gel color but won’t stain.

·Essential oils for aroma can be added, or try a little vanilla stirred in after gel is done.


So easy and great for dry skin. If you use the petroleum jelly, the cream will feel sticky at first, but will soak in nicely. Great for feet.

Ingredients and instructions

Whip together. I use a hand mixer and blend everything well.

1 cup favorite jarred skin care cream

2 tablespoons olive or almond oil

3 tablespoons petroleum jelly (optional but good)

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