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Rita's Stir Fry

One thing we all seem to have on hand is chicken. Here’s a different stir fry recipe that uses seasonal broccoli. Even though we’re still sheltering in place, it’s nice to have something really different and yummy for dinner. This recipe fills the bill!

This is also good with fresh snow or sugar snap peas, cut in half on the diagonal.


Nice served with rice. Steam broccoli a bit first.


2 boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs, cut into thick strips

Sliced green onions - as many as you like

3 large cloves garlic, sliced thin or minced

Soy sauce, Hoisin sauce and Chile paste to taste - start with a tablespoon of each

1/2 teaspoon each: powdered ginger, salt and pepper

Red pepper flakes to taste

Few tablespoons chicken broth or water

Fresh broccoli, steamed - a few cups


Film large skillet with olive oil. Cook chicken, onions and garlic until chicken is cooked. Stir in everything else and simmer a few minutes. Serve with rice.

Gilding the lily:Stir in a little chopped bell pepper or fresh chopped tomato

Toss chopped roasted peanuts on top

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