Plant of the Week - Winter King Hawthorn

While driving down the street last week, I noticed a small to medium sized tree, horizontal branching and loaded with clusters of small white flowers.Its a tree that used to be very popular in the landscape but has faded a bit from the current favorites.Again, It caught my attention with its horizontal branching habit, distinct silvery gray bark, those wonderful branches filled with flowers, and the sizing which is great for areas where you don’t need a lot of height but more of the horizontal habit.And icing on the cake: in the fall, those white flowers become orange-red berries (which the birds seem to eat much later into the winter).If you look closely, you may see occasional small thorns on the branches, which has probably been one of the reasons we don’t see it in the landscape as much anymore…although I never really saw this as an issue with the tree.Nevertheless, the 4-season tree happens to be a hawthorn; Crataegus viridis ‘Winter King’…Winter King Hawthorn.20’x20’ / strong horizontal branching / full sun / native selection / Zone 4 hardiness.And yes, here is a tree pollinators and other wildlife can enjoy.