Plant of the Week - Buckeyes and Chestnuts

Todays picks are a tribute to the Buckeyes and Horse chestnuts.A unique group of trees with outstanding flowers and the nuts…. well, what can I can?Let’s take a quick look at 4 you may consider for your landscape; 4 for different situations in your landscape!

Aesculus flava or commonly known as the Yellow Buckeye is the big tree of the group.50 feet plus, this native tree has showy yellow blooms in late April and May, great 5 leaflets, and the buckeye fruit in the fall.

Aesculus pavia or commonly known as the Red Buckeye reaches 15-20’ high and wide, with bright red flowers in May developing into the brown buckeyes in the fall, 5 leaflets, and native to SW USA.

Aesculus parviflora or commonly known as the Bottlebrush Buckeye reaches anywhere from 6-12’ feet high and wide forming a mounding shrub with long white flowers in late spring early summer, followed by brown buckeyes.Very shade tolerant!

Aesculus x c. Brioti or commonly known as Ruby Red Horse chestnut reaches 30’ or so in height and width, with spectacular red flowers in May, and yes followed by the fall nuts.This one does make a great street tree.

And yes, there is also the Aesculus glabra or commonly known as the Ohio Buckeye (state tree), with greenish yellow flowers in May and yes, those wonderful buckeyes in the fall.This one reaches 20-40’ in size, is native, orange red to reddish brown fall colors, and one of the least easy to find sold in nurseries!