Plant of the Week - Red Birds in a Tree

June is Perennial Gardening Month, so we are focusing on, yes, you guessed it, perennials.I poove todays pick, for both the common name and the plant itself!It’s Scrophularia macrantha, or more commonly known as ‘Red Birds in a Tree’.Now is that a cool name or what?And when you see this perennial in flower, your eyes get larger and you say, “Oh my gosh, those are red birds in a tree!”

A relative to the penstemon, this perennial will flower late spring thru fall…without deadheading!After established tolerates drought situations / prefers full to part sun / grows 24-36 inches / hardy zone 4 / and did I mention the hummingbirds (and other pollinators) love the luscious cherry-red tubular flowers that look exactly like a red bird sitting in a tree?