Plant of the Week - Perennial Hibiscus

When someone asks a question about their hibiscus, I have to first ask what type of hibiscus is it?There’s always a slight pause, and then I will say, tropical (not hardy here), woody hibiscus (shrub / small tree commonly called Rose of Sharon), or perennial hibiscus, which dies back to the ground over the winter and regrows form the roots each spring.After another slight pause, I’ll usually say that it has dinner plate sized flowers and that always rings the bell!So todays plant of the week, staying with our June is Perennial Gardening month, would be the perennial hibiscus, sometimes known as Rose Mallow.

Now there are a wonderful selection of perennial hibiscus available today; nice bold plants that add great summer colors (some with great foliage colors) and a little tropical feel to the garden or container, and yes, many are the size of dinner plates!Love the sun, and although they are very comfortable in moist soils (sometimes see them growing naturally in low areas or along creek beds), they will grow nicely in regular garden soil (or containers).

Tough, durable perennial, with many being hardy to zone 4.Sun to part sun and remember, these woody perennials (cut the stems back close to the ground late fall or early spring) will be one of the last to respond with new growth in the spring. They need warm soils and warmer temperatures.Check out your local garden stores for their selections of Perennial Hibiscus!