Plant of the Week - Tickseed

Our plant pick this week goes with June is Perennial Gardening Month and National Pollinator Awareness Week!Tough, durable, loves the sun, in ground or in containers, great foliage, great flowers, great colors, and great for the pollinators.And there are so many selections available its really nice!Our pick is Coreopsis, or commonly known as Tickseed.

Mayo Clinic - A long blooming perennial with an abundance of golden yellow daisy-like blooms in summer. It is a vigorous, mounding variety that enjoys sunny borders and foundation plantings. (Also, known as 'The Mayo Clinic Flower of Hope'.)

Li’l Bang Daybreak - Cheery bi-color blooms perk up sunny beds and borders. The flowers are red and golden yellow with an orange-red center. They continuously bloom without the need for deadheading. The plant is compact and has disease resistant foliage.

Red Satin - Delightful, wine-red flowers with a yellow center bloom nearly all summer with this variety. The daisy-like blooms nearly cover the dark green, thread-like foliage. This hardy variety that attracts butterflies.

Sunfire - An easy to grow perennial with large, golden yellow blooms with maroon centers. This prolific bloomer is also heat tolerant and drought tolerant. Enjoy it in sunny beds and borders. It is well suited for cottage gardens.

Jethro Tull - Unique golden yellow tubular blooms brighten any garden space. This variety flowers abundantly and for a long period of time. It may be deadheaded to promote more blooms. It is easy to grow and adaptable. Add to sunny beds and borders.

Mouse Ear - A dwarf variety with bright yellow daisy-like flowers with a yellow center. It blooms profusely in early summer with intermittent blooms till fall. This is an easy to grow, sun loving perennial for beds and borders.