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How can I keep my container garden watered while away on vacation?


1.) If possible, group your plants indoors or out in a semi-shadier location. By grouping your plants, they will provide shade for each other. The shaded spot will help them not dry out as quickly while slowing down water loss.

2.) The use of Soil Moist and its small crystals absorb two hundred times their weight in water and re-release it back to the plant’s roots. It can help cut watering by as much as in half. 

What if you have not added Soil Moist to your soil? No problem. It can easily be added by punching several long holes with a pencil or dowel and then dropping a few crystals in each hole. 

3.) Before you leave, Water your plants thoroughly whether they need it or not. That way, the soil, the plant, and the Soil Moist have recharged with maximum amounts of water. 

4.) You can supplement additional water needed by adding an Aqua Cone or 2 to each container garden. These cones, when attached to a 2-liter bottle filled with water, will slowly drip water into the soil over an extended period. While adding moisture to the soil as it is used up by the plant. Again, extending the amount of time before the next watering would be needed. 

5.) One time, and the only time, we will suggest placing a saucer under your pot and leaving water in the saucer. Again, this is the only time we would recommend doing this. It will extend the time before the next watering

6.) If you have several containers, try installing a DIY drip irrigation system for the pots. Then, you set a timer to turn the water off and on to water your plants while you’re away. And, still at home! This is an excellent way to go for those with several container gardens.

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