Plant of the Week - Liatris

This week’s pick puts on quite a show for a long time!And not only is the show the colorful flowers, it’s amazing how many pollinators will visit these flowers every day!It is a pollinator magnet!

Liatris s. Kobold….or commonly known as Blazing Star or Gayfeather, this native U.S prairie wildflower is a mid-season blooming perennial, with large clumps of narrow upright foliage topped with terminal spikes of sessile, rounded fluffy deep purple flower heads.The brilliantly colored flowers are feathery in a[appearance, thus the common name Gayfeather.Loves the sun / very hardy / containers or in ground / flowers are also good for cutting / and yes, truly a pollinator magnet.

(Kobold is a small compact upright cultivar getting about 2’ or so in height)