Plant of the Week - Hibiscus

Our plant pick of the week is Hibiscus.“Hibiscus” Hopefully when you read this you asked the same question I do; “What type of hibiscus?”You see, there are 3 types of hibiscus we plant here, all of which have great flowers; all of which very distinct growing differences!We have your tropical hibiscus, which is not hardy for our winters (Hawaii state flower) but great in containers for great summer colors, then we have your hardy hibiscus, a hardy perennial hibiscus with huge flowers (last only a day – but produces many, many flowers) that start mid-summer thru first frost, and then we have your woody hibiscus, or commonly known as ‘Rose of Sharon’; hardy woody shrub that flowers mid-summer thru the fall.So which hibiscus is our pick of the week?They all are showing great colors right now, but let’s go with ‘Rose of Sharon’.So many great selections available today, ranging in heights from 3-4 feet to 10-12 feet tall, a multitude of shades of reds, pinks and whites, single and double flowers, and yes, is one of few woody shrubs that actually produce flowers all summer long.Love the sun /Good even moisture / flowers on new growth so if pruning is needed, do it in the spring (less pruning helps produce larger flowers).But do check out all 3 hibiscus types…then you’ll have great summer colors in the perennial gardens, containers, and in the landscape.