Plant of the Week - Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress

Its fall, and that means time to plant trees.If there is one thing that all of us can do that would have the biggest ‘plus’ impact on planet Earth, it would be to plant a tree…or two…or three.There are so many benefits for planting trees it’s unreal.So, my pick this week is a tree…a very unique tree…that when many folks hear the name, they think swamps.When in actuality, this tree grows nicely in the swamps, as well as a lawn tree.It’s Taxodium distichum, commonly known as Bald Cypress.Now there is your common Bald Cypress, but then there are so many new selections becoming available today (Cascade Falls, Peve Minaret, Green Whisper, etc)!So, I have chosen a specific selection of Bald Cypress named ‘Shawnee Brave’, a narrow pyramidal cultivar that typically grows with a strong central leader to 50-75' tall and to 15-20' wide. It has a narrower shape and denser foliage than species trees.And yes, will do quite nicely in the wet area, or just as nice in front or back yard or even as a street tree!Remember, they do lose those wonderful needles in the fall, as they are a deciduous conifer, turning a nice orange brown.(State tree of Louisiana.)It is fall…get out and plant a tree or two or three!