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9 Shrubs To Plant This Fall

Fall is for planting, especially trees and shrubs. By planting shrubs in the fall, you are allowing for excellent root growth. This time of year, we often are asked, “What is a showy shrub for my garden for fall?” Here are 9 Showy Shrubs for the Fall Garden:


This thornless and fruitless variety is easy to grow, even in challenging urban sites. Its size fits nicely into foundation plantings and mixed borders.See the Quince Collection.


A tough, easy to grow shrub with orange-tinted leaves that turn more vivid in fall and summer flowers add extra color. A Proven Winners® Color Choice® selection. (Note: it is not related to invasive Honeysuckle.)See the Kodiak Honeysuckle Collection.


A dwarf, mounding shrub with flowers with a prolific late spring bloom and blooms through fall. It makes a great edging plant in full sun sites and an excellent addition to flower beds and perennial gardens. It is easy to grow and maintain.See the Weigela Collection.


A popular upright, rounded shrub with clusters of creamy white blooms and attractive glossy green summer foliage. Yellow fall color and bluish-black fruits that last into winter. Best in moist sites, but very adaptable and easy to grow.See the Viburnum Collection.


Rose of Sharon is a prolific bloomer. It is a tough, adaptable shrub tolerant of urban conditions, including poor, dry soils. It makes an attractive hedge and border addition. See the Rose of Sharon Collection.


The holly is available in several varieties, including dwarf sizes to accommodate small spaces. It needs little maintenance to keep its shape and is terrific for foundation plantings, beds, and borders.See the Holly Collection.


A popular evergreen shrub, the juniper has bright mint green foliage on arching branches. The color holds throughout the winter season, making it useful as a foundation plant or in mass plantings. Easy to grow and easy to maintain.See the Juniper Collection.


From compact variety to the standard size, it is easy to grow and a very adaptable variety. It brings excellent fall color and blooms in the spring.See the Ninebark Collection.


Their long-lasting blooms and versatility in the garden have made Spirea one of the most popular shrubs. You can plant in mass plantings and perennial borders to groundcovers and informal hedges.See the Spirea Collection.

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